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Letter: Roderick O’Connor got a raw deal


O’Connor got a raw deal

Dear Editor:

In response to the June 4 article, “Basalt ex-police chief Roderick O’Connor didn’t want to leave,” as the step son of Roderick, I’m in a unique position to comment on Roderick’s demeanor in “stressed” situations.

Roderick came into my family when I was in my teen years, and as a normal teen boy, I admittedly brought on many stressful situations within our family. Never once have I felt belittled, humiliated, degraded or subjected to condescending treatment by Roderick, even in situations where it would have been warranted.

In fact, Roderick is the most compassionate, fair and approachable human being I have ever met. Even in the face of these accusations, Roderick has continued to praise the good of the Basalt community and refused to air any negative comments about the town government or the Basalt Police Department employees to our family. Even to a fault, Roderick takes the high road, which to me explains a lot about his decision to resign.

The presented characterization of Roderick by (town finance director Judi) Tippetts in this article/emails to (town manager Mike) Scanlon are without merit. If in fact Tippetts had received repeated reports from BPD employees about their mistreatment by Roderick, then why had she not addressed them before the situation escalated out of control?

How in the world do you give accusers the job of the person they made the accusations against, especially when the majority of the accusations are without doubt proved to be false? Sgts. (Penny) Paxton and (Stu) Curry played the town of Basalt perfectly with the timing of the allegations, but it is the town and community of Basalt that will suffer by the loss of an extremely devoted chief and the retention of officers with questionable ethics.

In what other area are of town government is honor and integrity more important than within the police department?

Jonathan Stahlman

Indian Hills, Colo.