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Letter: Road tripping

This poem is about driving across America on the freeways with, as George Carlin said, “all the idiots and maniacs,” and how some people drive very fast but never seem to get anywhere.

I like to drive the freeway

and go so very fast

to arrive at my next life event

before it becomes the past

My foot it feels real heavy

with great weight it’s resting

upon the accelerator

because the limits i always am testing

I really fly down the highway

the car can’t go much faster

if i try to slow it down

there will surely be disaster

I always tend to pass you by

we travel at different speeds

then when my bumper is just past your nose

I turn off to satisfy all my needs

I stand there at the side of the road

gulping down my coffee and snack

when low and behold in a minute or two

you roll on by and pass me back

I go real fast and stop a lot

but you travel at an even pace

now i remember the tale of tortoise and hare

when the rabbit lost in disgrace

I always seem to be in a rush

yet never really get anywhere

so when you get to where you are going

I guess that I won’t meet you there

Prentice Boyd Billings