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Letter: Road-trip surprise

I wanted to share an interesting experience I’ve recently had. On a road trip to the East Coast, we found ourselves in Atlanta at afternoon rush hour. Obviously, we thought it would take an eternity to pass through the city. But then I noticed an HOV lane, and surprisingly, it was the left lane! How strange! To add to the amazement, it appeared that the HOV laws were actually enforced, because the cars in the HOV lane actually contained two or more people and no trucks or buses. Well, suffice it to say, we traversed the city much, much more quickly than anticipated.

We also noticed in more than 4,800 miles traveled that most people understand the basic law of the road, i.e., stay right except to pass. The reason for this might be that people in the rest of the country do not have to determine the lane to be in based on what day it is. Or how many people are in the car. Or which direction they’re traveling. Or what time of day it is.

Returning home and driving up Highway 82 made us realize we weren’t in Kansas anymore!

Mike Pattison