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Letter: RFTA can do better

Why, on extremely busy nights like Christmas and New Year’s Eve, don’t the buses run an extra hour or two to help the hundreds of service workers and tourists safely get to their destinations? It would not require additional buses, only additional, much-needed service. Instead, the workers and tourists fight for rides and are willing to pay dearly for any transportation available.

Why have locals, who are familiar with the parking situation in Aspen, been parking in the Wells Fargo parking lot after the bank is closed for months, maybe years — and always on a short-term basis. Then, when parking is really hard to find and it is the holiday season, why do they decide to put a $140 boot on my vehicle? Why? I guess they either need the money or just like to let that beautiful space sit completely empty while cars continue to circle the block to park.

Why were two middle-aged tourists — well dressed, affluent, English and sober — let off of the bus to Highlands about half a mile short of Exhibition Lane, which was their requested destination? It was the last bus and after 2 o’clock in the morning. They told me that they had clearly requested Exhibition Lane.

The real question is why was the RFTA employee who I contacted at the station so indignant and unconcerned? He said they run a bus company and were not responsible or required to give out information. I have ridden a number of buses around the world and always relied on the driver for accurate information. They were always helpful and gave me the right info. This RFTA employee had no concern, no patience and had to get back to the TV.

Philip Sullivan

Woody Creek