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Letter: Retread Republicans

Love him, disagree with him or outright hate him, one thing is for sure: President Barack Obama is no lame duck. This is what happens when there is a thoughtful, intelligent person in the oval office. The man is amazing.

Another amazing thing happened just the other day — on Fox News of all places! There was a Fox contributor gleefully stating that Hillary Clinton is in trouble with the latest polls and that she is a criminal for her email-server problems. After that, this person stated how amazed he was about the depth of the top 16 Republican presidential candidates running in 2016. This poor guy was so excited; he made me laugh so hard. It’s great when Fox News is the comedy channel. Plus, this is mid-2015. Quite a way to go until Election Day.

What strikes me really is the perceived depth of this field, though. Where are all the new ideas of the party, what the Democrats have stolen and implemented from the Republicans, like universal health care, for one? The Republicans can only boast of shutting that down on day one, shutting down the Iran nuclear deal on day one and being ready on day one to start another war in the Middle East (Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — let’s keep him as a governor at best)!. These guys and one gal are 16 retreads at best. They keep spouting really old ideas. “Repeal everything” is easy to say. They should talk of adding to and replacing with better ideas. They need to dump the Koch brothers and come up with a huge plan to make America a better place — job growth and nation building over here; more investment over here; ship jobs back over here; help women and children; help poor people; help immigrants obtain citizenship without taxing them as much as $5,000.

The other problem the Republicans have now is there is nobody on their ticket who is exciting. They have Donald Trump now, but he cannot run a country. He can run a building company with a bunch of “yes” people, but that is hardly a democracy. Good luck, retreads! I look forward to your half-debates.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Aspen