Letter: Resolving conflict in Aspen

In our town of state-of-the-art facilities, do you realize that there is no mediation room where people can go in an unbiased environment to find common ground, resolve conflict and reconcile? If we had a venue of this nature, would Nancy Pfister be alive today? Would the two men who had a dispute over a dog have found a way to understand each other’s views and not shoot at each other?

When you look at the CEOs and world leaders within the city limits of Aspen and Pitkin County, per square foot, we probably hold the highest IQs per capita in the world. Could something so simple as a venue for mediation work in our community? What if we try it?

This letter is to ask our brilliant and compassionate city attorney, the City Council and county commissioners, with the teamwork of all, to develop a plan as soon as possible. We can be the healthiest city in America.

We can do it.

Jan Hamilton