Letter: Republicans eating their own

Four years ago, a lot of people in Aspen gave a lot of money to Mitt Romney. With him having failed to give them a return on their investment, one hopes that they don’t regard his graceless repudiation of Donald Trump as some kind of rebate.

To my ears, Romney’s polemic sounded like a repudiation of the millions who have already cast their votes for Trump, who clearly must be shlubs and chumps for having fallen for what quisling opportunist Marco Rubio keeps calling a “con man.” If only the little children knew how to channel their anger appropriately.

Of course, since new state Republican Party rules didn’t allow me even to cast a vote, I guess I should feel only half as insulted. Indeed, why wouldn’t I want an election process to be replaced by a selection process when the selectors are so much wiser than I?

Predictably, feckless former candidate Romney was echoed by his feckless running mate, Paul Ryan, who did his best to make a mountain out of the molehill of Trump’s nonexistent affiliation with David Duke.

It’s stranger than fiction: Republican elites are too busy clutching their pearls to recognize a candidate who will win a general election in a landslide.

Chad Klinger