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Letter: Report the whole story

I have concerns regarding the recent grade-change situation at Aspen High School and the newspaper’s coverage of it. I do not know the details of what happened. I do know that nobody I have talked to at the high school thinks that the truth emerged. Rather than an investigation into the incidents, the administration made use of the red-herring fallacy, thus distracting the teachers, the papers and the public away from the real issue. What exactly happened? As summer is here and people want to move on, we may not get the details of what transpired. That said, I think the papers can do a better job in the future.

Frankly, for the past five years, the newspapers have not gotten the full, accurate story regarding high school issues. A headline is splashed, superficially investigated, incompletely reported and then forgotten for the next headline. My concern is that the school board does not do its job of oversight, staff is intimidated into silence and the paper does not exhibit the necessary persistence to dig out the truth. That leaves the public misinformed and creates a situation whereby questionable, unethical behavior goes unchecked. I have taught at Aspen High School for 32 years. Its integrity as an institution is important to me. Going forward, the students, parents, staff and residents of the Aspen School District deserve a transparent institution where issues are dealt with honestly. A newspaper that prides itself on getting to the truth through old-fashioned, hard-nosed reporting would be a good start. Kirk Gregory