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Letter: Related looks out for the future of Snowmass

Johnny Boyd’s letter to the editor on April 11 rings true because so many small businesses have been devastated over the past five years during what were tough economic times for everyone, landlords included (“Short-term profits, long-term resent,” Letters, The Aspen Times).

But while Johnny’s letter is high on emotion, it is low on facts, especially facts about Related Colorado. What is true is that a majority of Related Colorado’s tenants had their leases adjusted in order to keep these small businesses open, and each and every adjustment that was made came with cooperative and open discussions and a focus on effective problem solving.

Along the way, Related has been able to build lasting and productive relationships with our tenants, both large and small; names like Scott, David, Eddie, Barb, Steve, Heather, Derek, Ron, Joshua, Duke, Jason, Mak, Andrew and Houston, among others — locals working to build something positive here for the future.

Regarding Village Market, we sincerely respect their ownership and management team, and it was only after careful consideration of the long-term visions proposed by the two respected local operators that Clark’s Market was selected. When Snowmass residents stop by the new Clark’s Express in Base Village to see and shop, they will see firsthand this new vision and get a sense for what is to come at the Snowmass Center.

Dwayne Romero

President, Related Colorado