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Letter: Reid is no McCarthy

I agree with Melanie Sturm’s article that there is a huge cultural war and a lot of name-calling in America (“Our era of reputational beheadings,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, April 23). We tend to badmouth and make stuff up about people who don’t agree with our personal views. What I respectfully do not agree with is her almost “fair and balanced” Fox News approach. It is mostly a right-wing conservative article. There are some really good points, though. However, the one I don’t understand is her comparison between Sen. Harry Reid and Sen. Joseph McCarthy!

If McCarthy ever stated something like “so-and-so has not paid their taxes in the past 10 years,” it would have been a slow news day in the 1950s. McCarthy was way worse than that! Melanie seems to think that is the reason Mitt lost the last presidential election.

I think Mitt lost because he ran like he was a corporation, not a person, and when he and Paul Ryan announced their run, they did so on and in front of a huge U.S. Navy battleship or cruiser that was all decked out in flags and such. As far as I know, neither of them has ever served in the armed forces. They “washed” dirty dishes at a homeless center that was all cleaned up before they got there. Did Mitt show us his tax returns? His group bought companies, broke them down, laid workers off and shipped the rest overseas. He ran against an incumbent who took over a ruptured economy and was making it better.

It is hard to believe that Melanie has to dip back to the early to mid-1950s to find a bad apple in the Republican Party. She could have read an article that very same night as she was writing hers. She could have picked on Sen. Ted Cruz on how he calls the president a crazed unconstitutional socialist or communist. Or how Michele Bachmann thinks the end of days is getting closer because of Obama! The end of days is sooner as of today because yesterday is over! You do the math on that one. Scientific even.

I could go on and on about people hating presidents. I know people who are still mad at FDR — people who are not Japanese-American citizens!

It is really hard to be a moderate in this country of ours. I am a lefty but am trying. I think all political leaders have made great choices and really bad ones. One really cannot rewrite history, though. I could have a few inaccuracies in this letter, as I am not a professional journalist or historian or politician. I do know this, though: McCarthy and people such as Roy Cohn and J. Edgar Hoover ruined thousands of American lives in that infamous war on culture and the arts. They did not call him “Tail Gunner Joe” for no reason. Rumor has it in World War II he even shot innocent coconut trees just for the hell of it. What a bastard. Before you believe that story, you may want to think again.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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