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Letter: Recognize common legal practice

The evidence is very strong and clear that wrong interpretation and misuse of American law principles undermining justice and governing principles at Aspen City Hall with Aspen City Council members, along with City Council candidates, going off the deep end.

The past two days of news stories are shocking (“Ireland, Myrin agree Base 2 Lodge should see public vote,” Aspen Daily News, May 28; “City Council is favorable toward Hunt’s Base 2 lodge,” Aspen Daily News, May 27; “City seeks a second legal opinion on Referendum 1” Aspen Times, May 28; and “Ref. 1 a focus in Base2 discussion,” The Aspen Times, May 27).

City Attorney Jim True screwed up on his legal ruling that allowed the Aspen Chamber Resort Association to publicly campaign against Referendum 1 in the recent city election political cycle.

Now, True seeks to usurp our American jurisprudence by seeking a second opinion that may possibly permit twisted un-American logic so “Referendum 1 can be retroactively applied to development applications” to crucify Mark Hunt, the real estate development industry and the construction industry doing business in Aspen.

Councilman Dwayne Romero, his City Council colleagues and City Council candidates Mick Ireland and Bert Myrin promote destroying the American legal fabric and Anglo-Saxon common-law practices because “election results tell (Romero and them) the community has spoken on variances.”

Where I come from in America, we learned in my high school American history honor class that enacted laws cannot be retroactive laws going into the past, including new amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and new legislated laws are enforced upon their enactment in the present and for the future.

These guys need to get away from their twisted logic they use to protect, embolden, employ and give away citizenship rights and privileges to illegal immigrants while backstabbing and undermining Americans.

Let’s give all these folks lobotomies to relieve their mental disorder in governing. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore has surgical medical teams and operating rooms ready to remedy their warped perceptions and judgments leading to bad behaviors and governing practices.

Finally, Obamacare can be used to eradicate a major contagious mental disease in Aspen before it spreads like the bubonic plague across America.

You don’t apply a law or an amendment to a period of time before a law or an amendment was enacted!

Battle these folks with Anglo-Saxon common law to pound them into the dust. You will win. You can bet your bottom dollar.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen