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Letter: Reckless disregard on Frying Pan Road

I’m not sure which of the following growing problems are worse, folks who drive way too fast up and down Frying Pan Road or cyclists who zip in and out of traffic, do not follow traffic laws or signal their intentions like motorists are required to do.

For the folks who on a daily basis seem to floor it as soon as they pass the barber shop in Basalt and seem to be attempting to set the land-speed record on the Frying Pan, the following are inevitable:

1. You will hit a deer, bear, big horn sheep, fox, raccoon or other animal;

2. You will hit a cyclist or run them off the road;

3. Nos. 1 and 2.

For the vast number of cyclists in the valley who have zero regard for their own safety, traffic laws, common courtesy for others and also seem to be very well-versed in expletives and one-finger salutes when you honk your horn because they almost hit your car or caused you to swerve because they turned right in front of you without signaling, etc., the following also are inevitable:

1. Someone is going to hit you with their vehicle because you broke the law;

2. It will be your fault when you are injured or worse. Cars and trucks are bigger than you and your bike, a battle you will lose this battle every time;

3. You will look odd as a hood ornament;

If you fit in either of the above categories, please slow down, signal and/or obey laws like vehicles have to. Your safety and lives and the safety and lives of our precious wildlife may depend on it.

Michael Jacobs