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Letter: Recipe for a world war

Recipe for a world war

Russia just put its foot down in the Ukraine. The United States government, with help from European governments, has been systematically taking down governments and creating alliances with others in order to encircle Russia. The Ukraine presidential coup was orchestrated by the U.S. Intercepts of the phone conversations of high-level U.S. diplomats prove that. Same with Syria, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan — the list goes on.

The military-industrial-financial state requires an enemy and Russia fills the role perfectly. The “War on Terror” is wearing thin. Al-Qaida and the Taliban don’t have jet fighters and guided missiles.

Flipping the Ukraine would mean cutting off the markets for Russian (and Iranian) natural gas. That hurts Russia and turns the market over to the Arab States.

This is all happening above Obama’s pay grade. He did not start this game; he’s just the figurehead. This is how world wars get started. What’s the next move going to be?

Patrick Hunter