Letter: Rec center will cement midvalley’s identity

Rec center will cement midvalley’s identity

I am writing in support of the proposed Midvalley Recreation Center.

I have read the numerous letters, editorials and opinion pieces, and I just want to go on record as a midvalley family. I have driven thousands of miles up and down valley to use the Aspen Recreation Center. I welcome the opportunity to save all that gas, time and pollution by having a local rec center to enjoy.

I am OK with a property tax of $500 to $600 per year, as I am sure that is half of what I have spent partaking of the amenities Aspen provides. I don’t need someone else to pay for it. I purchased downvalley because I wanted to be self-sufficient and not subsidized.

The list of activities that will be made available to community members of all ages is exciting and long overdue for the midvalley. I am sure the other rec centers will feel the impact of a midvalley rec center, which perhaps has caused them angst and a reason to rally against us getting our own.

But in my opinion the midvalley community deserves it and most will be happy to pay for it. Some are quick to oppose taxes without understanding that more often than not they are providing valuable services, and I believe health and wellbeing will be further promoted by our new Midvalley Recreation Center! Not to mention it will provide jobs and another place for families and friends to gather locally without the commute.

If you were in the area when the Aspen Lacrosse Tournament was held at Crown Mountain in May, you know the potential for the area and this added amenity will make it a first-class sporting destination. Crowds and traffic may increase on occasion, but please, we aren’t talking New York City or even Denver mass. I believe it will be similar to what the Aspen Recreation Center experiences with organized events, which my guess is less than 20 percent of the time.

We are just experiencing the benefits of Whole Foods coming to town. It’s time for us to come into our own as a town and the rec center is a huge benefit to our community. In the long run I believe it will increase the desire to call the midvalley home and provide the critical mass our local businesses need to survive and thrive! That will benefit us all!

I am voting “yes” on 4C and 4D!

Carol Hawk