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Letter: Rec center unhealthy for our budgets

Rec center unhealthy for our budgets

Dear Editor:

Attention, voters: Do not let this under-estimated tax increase pass for the proposed Mid Valley Recreation Center.

The costs of building and maintaining that are presented are misleading. I challenge you to examine the fact that most building projects end up costing way beyond the estimated expenses.

I challenge you to examine the real costs of maintaining a recreation center — insurance and utilities alone could easily skyrocket the maintenance costs.

If this project were viable or money making, the private sector would probably be all over it. Actually this would be a better idea, in my opinion — keep government out of the rec center business.

Questions to the Crown Mountain Parks and Recreation District board:

Where has the money come from to pay you to be working on this plan for these many years?

Where has the money come from for the studies that have been conducted?

What makes you think that homeowners want to pay more taxes so others can go recreate?

Have you talked to the absentee owners? If they live out of area, how are they to “enjoy” anything to do with the rec center?

I have seen your surveys and answered them. Where are my answers given to the public?

By the way, where do the costs of these surveys come from and the mailing, among other expenses?

What is “widespread” support? What about my “widespread” opposition?

I and many others do not want the rec center and especially do not want the financial difficulties that it would make for us. Many of the activities such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, swimming can be enjoyed at the local schools or close-by facilities.

You are to be commended for the job well done with the Crown Mountain Park field activities and picnic facilities and event fields, but you don’t need to spend multimillions for a building.

A quote from The Aspen Times article, published on July 18, says that “having our own facility will lead to healthier lifestyles.” What is healthy about having our budgets destroyed by exorbitant taxes?

We all live in an area that has natural activities for our healthy lifestyles.

We, as well as many others, cannot afford an increase in taxes. Suppose a $300 or more increase per year? Where is it coming from? Do we decrease our grocery budget? Do we decrease gas for our car budget? Do we give up giving to our family on birthdays and Christmas? Do we give up time to join our friends for a modest dinner out? What do we have to give up to help build a project that is not wanted, not needed and not necessary and will probably be coming back to us for more money?

Please take action and call and write to the rec board and the local papers, and if it comes to vote, please vote “no.”

Sue Driggers

Blue Lake

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