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Letter: Rec center adds up to good deal

Rec center adds up to a good deal

The opponents of the midvalley rec center have some fuzzy math. I encourage everyone to do their own homework and find out exactly what the tax implications are for them personally. I did just that, and I will be supporting 4C and 4D. It’s time the midvalley has our own rec center!

I went on to the Eagle County assessor’s website, looked up our property (a modest home in Blue Lake) and found that in 2012, we paid $64.45, or $5.37 per month, for the Crown Mountain Recreation District.

If 4C and 4D pass, based on the 2012 assessed value of our home, the additional annual cost would be $211.15 per year for us. To get the assessed value — you take the actual value of your home (listed on the assessor’s site) and multiply it by 7.96 percent. That gives you the assessed value (also listed right on the assessor’s site).

So, the 7.5 mill levy is not assessed on the actual value, it is assessed at 7.96 percent of the actual value of your home. So, for us personally, the new recreation center would cost $211.72 per year, or $17.64 per month based on our assessed value for 2012.

If we also buy a family pass for the four of us, that would be $72 per month. Seventy-two dollars plus $17.64 equals $89.64 per month for unlimited visits to a state-of-the art recreation center. That is a great deal!

If our family of four goes just once to the Aspen Recreation Center, it costs us $64.80 for admission, plus the mileage and driving time.

Round-trip, it’s 46 miles from our house to the ARC. At the IRS amount of .565 per mile, that’s an additional $25.99 in transportation costs for a total of $90.79 for one visit to the ARC, not including the time wasted driving. That’s $89.64 for unlimited visits to the fabulous rec center located right here — a great deal!

Please, do the math for yourself. Don’t take the opposition’s word for it! One of their largest donors lives in Tulsa, Okla. I find it hard to believe that someone with a primary residence in Oklahoma actually has the best interest of our community in mind. Trust the locals who live here, the ones who have been working on the rec center for well over five years. And if you trust no one, then do the math for yourself, and make a well-informed decision based on your actual numbers, not the fuzzy math provided by the opponents of 4C and 4D.

Judi Simecek


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