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Letter: Rec center a healthy alternative

Rec center a healthy alternative

I was born and raised in Basalt and I am currently attending college out of the state, though this does not stop me from checking in on the news in my beloved hometown. The debate whether to support the midvalley recreation center has been going on for quite some time, and I just wanted to say a couple things about it.

Some argue that we should spend money in our schools. I completely agree with them. I am studying education and Spanish in hopes of becoming a Spanish teacher, and I know that we need more support in schools across the nation. But, I want to point out that a recreation center can be a wonderful place for students to learn. To begin with, students are in their classrooms for eight hours a day; they don’t need to sit in chairs any longer. They need to be active and what better place than at a recreation center that will have martial arts classes, fitness classes and a swimming pool.

These places are the new classrooms. Gone are the days of the traditional classroom. Students are learning and should be learning more outside four confined walls. Colleges are looking for well-rounded learners, and a great recreation center is the place for students to become well-rounded individuals excited to learn about other activities.

Also, others argue that it is silly to build indoor facilities when an exercise friendly environment surrounds us. I cannot agree more; the summer is one of the best times to get out and exercise in Colorado, but what about the winter that starts in October and doesn’t end until April? I know that this may be hard for some to believe, but not all people like to ski or snowboard, and it is important to recognize that we all have different ways in order to stay fit and healthy.

So, it would be great to have an indoor facility for those who want to continue to exercise but cannot outside. Personally, I was training for a half-marathon (which I completed in February) over the winter at home, and it was difficult to drive up to Snowmass to run indoors. I can imagine how convenient it would have been to drive down Missouri Heights and workout at the midvalley rec center.

In conclusion, I think that this rec center is an amazing chance for the midvalley community to come together like other towns in our valley and create a space for the community to learn, stay healthy, and push on into the future.

I say vote “yes” on 4C and 4D.

Maggie Fitzpatrick

Texas Christian University, Class of 2015

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