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Letter: Rec center a great deal

Rec center a great deal

Robert Schultz, thank you for pointing out the error of my math in your letter to the editor of Oct. 27. I mistakenly was using an old property tax notice, in which my home was appraised in 2011. Ironically, I pay less than the $130 than I stated; instead, I currently pay $83 per year for the amenities Crown Mountain Park offers ($6.92 per month in taxes, and well worth every cent).

So using this new example for my home off Valley View Road, my proposed additional cost would be $298 per year ($24.80 per month), rather than the $330 I originally quoted in my previous letter (quick math: $66.12 a year per $100,000 house).

Regarding Robert’s comments about “a new multi-million dollar road system that would bring all of the area traffic into the heart of the park … where people currently walk their dogs, teach their children to ride a bike, and enjoy a walk,” I wanted to recheck my statements, so I took a walk around the cement path in the park this weekend to really study my view in regards to where the new rec center would be located.

I discovered my view in all directions would in no way be blocked, nor would the enjoyment of taking a walk. The only thing the rec center would hide is my view of the old Fitzsimon’s gas station parcel of land, which has had a chain-link fence around it for several years now. The rec center would probably block some of the highway traffic noise as well. The district has spent numerous years trying to plan the optimal placement of the rec center and has superbly chosen a spot that currently has weeds, gravel and cement surrounding it.

Some residents say they would never use the rec center, but you never know when a skiing accident or other injury may require rehab. A good friend in her 40s recently had to have four hip surgeries over the past few years. She desperately needed a pool for rehab, and it was hard for her to find rides back and forth to the Aspen Recreation Center. In addition, long car rides were painful and exhausting. She would have been ecstatic if there had been a pool closer by, especially during the winter.

Please go the http://www.eaglecounty.us/assessor/property_record_search/ or http://www.pitkinassessor.org/assessor/search.asp to do your own math and see how affordable the rec center would be!

Bonnie Scott

El Jebel

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