Letter: Re-elect Robert Hubbell

While I was the executive director of the Crown Mountain Park and Recreation District, I was privileged to get to know Robert Hubbell very well.

He tirelessly volunteered his time, extensive knowledge, passion and equipment to improving the park and overall district. Robert is an extremely gifted leader and driven person who wanted the best for the district — especially for the district staff’s well-being and success. He would stop by the office several times a week just to check on how things were going and if there was anything he could help with. He is a very caring person.

With Robert’s close personal assistance, the baseball fields were reconstructed and transformed into exceptional playing fields. He was instrumental in the initial support and construction of the BMX park. Robert’s care for youth programing is evident through the many donations he has made, especially to youth soccer development. He is your current board president, and I urge you to re-elect Robert Hubbell to another four years to the district board. Simply put — he cares about where he lives.

Chris Woods

San Luis Obispo, California