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Letter: Random two-wheeled thoughts

Random two-wheeled thoughts

So the circus came to town again and left just as quickly, what a blast! Every person who lives in Aspen I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed the whole show, and can’t wait for next year’s event.

Sitting on my deck Monday night with my neighbors, we lamented what a pleasure it was to be able to get around town with so little traffic, wishing Highway 82 was closed down more often. Chapeaux to Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwyn for waxing so poetically on global TV about our little berg in the mountains. Respect to Jens Voigt, for such a magnificent career — I’ll never forget the solo breakaway over Indy Pass last year, tough German dude.

How about a ”Keegan Swirbull Day” in Aspen, the youngest rider in the field, for hanging with the best in the world. The kid doesn’t even own his own time-trial bike! There were no reported Lance Armstrong sightings. The recent part-time, second-home owner, and disgraced former champion, who Oprah Winfrey discovered was both a cheat and a liar. I heard he has been playing golf with some guys from the Gentlemen of Aspen — wouldn’t want to be him if they catch him cheating.

Whilst I’m at it about disgraceful behavior, the band at the final free concert in Snowmass, Fishbone, should have had their purse suspended for the abhorrent language used in a family setting. Who gave them that gig?

Finally, I hereby lay claim to be the first unofficial, unassisted summiteer of the upsidedown shopping basket, a few months ago. I have documentation of me proudly holding the Mexican flag, anybody there before me?

Martin Suthren

Aspen and Todos Santos, The Baja