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Letter: Random act of kindness

Two Sundays ago, I had lunch with my friend Jane from Louisiana at the Slow Groovin BBQ in Marble. As usual, it was crowded. As there was no table for two available. I told the waitress that if she gave us a table for four, we would gladly share it with two other people.

We got the table, and shortly afterward, a nice-looking couple, much younger than we are, joined us.

They left before us, and as I was ready to pay, I was told by the waitress that our lunch had been paid by the couple seated next to us. I could not believe it! I’m 77 years old, and this had never happened to me before.

I would like so very much to thank them for their kindness, but I only know that their names are Carter and David and that they live in Carbondale, behind El Jebel’s City Market. My hope is for you to publish this note and for them to read it.

Thank you.

Renata Scheder-Bieschin