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Letter: Racism very much alive

That is a nice article, Glenn Beaton, but I am pretty sure you skipped over a few things (“Black like me,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, June 21). First off, the president and first lady are subjects of racism on a daily basis. They may be protected by it in the White House bubble, but there are racist slings even in the national news. Watch 30 minutes of Fox News to start. Secondly, there are hundreds of thousands of brown and black people who are imprisoned with rather lengthy terms, and in some cases they were outright framed. Look up the Timothy Cole case in Lubbock, Texas, and also the Tulia drug case in Texas. You will be pretty horrified. I was and still am, and I am a white, middle-age male. So you really do not have to go back to the early 1960s to find stupidity, ignorance and just plain racism. Just the other day, a black church was basically attacked. Things seem to be getting worse in the past eight years, not better.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico