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Letter: Quite a ride through Aspen’s history

As summer and tourists arrive in our town, I’d like to suggest a wonderful venue to get away from the heat and the crowds. The Aspen Historical Society is having a truly fascinating, funny and informative exhibit at their headquarters in one of the last remaining grand old homes here at 620 Bleeker St.

The Exhibit is called “Bests Firsts and Worsts: Aspen in Objects.” Take a stroll through Aspen history, its artifacts and the most entertaining set of docents one could ask for. The hearty, colorful, fascinating, historical, complimentary magazine you get at the end is worth far more than the modest admission, $6, I think (free for members).

Treat yourself and your family and friends to this amazing journey through the very beginnings of Aspen up to the present. It’s quite a ride!

Janis Nark