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Letter: Questions still to be answered

Editor’s note: The follow letter was sent to the Basalt Planning and Zoning Commission.

Dear Susan Philp,

I have a lot of questions and statements about the whitewater park in Basalt.

Is the town of Basalt funding any of this project?

Concrete barriers in the river will show in the winter and during drought years. (They want to put more of these barriers downstream.)

What about the wildlife that live there now?

Who pays for stairs, parking signs, path, rail, creating extra parking spaces at Fisherman’s Park crosswalk. (Two Rivers road is very dangerous to cross.)

Who pays for the riverbank stabilization if damage to the riverbank occurs? The town of Basalt?

I live about 1,000 yards downstream from this proposed barrier. Who is going to pay for the erosion if it occurs?

What about another flood over the Pan and Fork banks?

How safe and steep are the stairs going to be?

Children from the nearby schools may go down there. How do we make sure this area of water is safe for them?

Why there?

What about putting it on one side or the other of the 7-11 bridge. People would be able to watch from the bridge. And they would be heading toward the Pan and Fork property. This would bring people into town.

They are only requesting four more parking spaces! How successful will this be? Where will Fisherman’s Park be? The developers are not anticipating the amount of parking that would be needed for this to be a worthwhile venture.

Don’t let these developers pressure you into making quick decisions because they have a deadline. I think they should have made there presentation a long time ago.

If they build the barrier in the water as their first phase, what gives them the incentive to build stairs in a timely manner? What if someone gets hurt down there before the stairs are built? Who’s responsible? The town of Basalt?

This wave will be nowhere near the size of the wave in Glenwood Springs.

Do we really want to do this? So fast?

I recommend you not encourage Town Council to approve this water park.

Too many unfinished details.

Patrice K. Becker