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Letter: Questions for Aspen

Did you happen to know Wilk? Do you think you know the truth about Smuggler Mountain? Do you have any idea what happened to Wilk’s family? Do you know the truth of what happened in the 20 years that it took to put Smuggler Mountain in your hands? Do you care? Would you like to do something to help make up for it? Please let me know at tulasija@gmail.com.

FYI — Can you imagine what the cost of a 20 year legal battle is? If you are wondering about the purchase money in the end, it just covered our debt. Just try to imagine if it happened to you, if you possibly can. Also, when Wilk was dying and suffering terribly and the purchase happened for an obvious reason, what did you think when the mayor at the time said, “Merry Christmas, Aspen!”? Saying that finally we own Smuggler Mountain with no mention of Wilk or his circumstance. And after wanting it so badly, just look how it is disrespected.

Tulasi Wilkinson