Letter: Quality of life over growth

Maybe the best thing about the upcoming Base2 vote is how clearly we can now see the two 800-pound godzillas lurking around in council chambers —Mr. Growth vs. Ms. Quality of Life. Many good points have been made by others — here are a couple more to reflect on:

• Aspen Skiing Co. has lobbied hard for Base2 affordable rooms, blah blah blah. How about a truly affordable locals daily/annual pass, Mr. Private Corporation, whose profits accrue to the accounts of a single family who receives citizen tax subsidies such as affordable housing for some of its employees plus tax supported/variance supported gold-plated amenities (trails, parks, globally owned luxury shopping and penthouses for the 1 percent, etc.) that appeal to and draw its super-high-end clientele.

• Base2 plans to eliminate an Aspen gas station property — how it is in the public interest to reduce gas price competition from two stations to one? Imagine doubling traffic at an already congested Shell on Main Street.

• Base2 is the type of “spot zoning” that courts have condemned as the antithesis of planned development since the proposed use is either inconsistent with surrounding uses or does not conform to a comprehensive plan.

Consider making Aspen even better by ending spot zoning free gifts to ill-conceived development by voting “no” on Base2 and “no” on any future boondoggles that foster Mr. Growth over Ms. Quality of Life.

Bill Lipsey