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Letter: Put the children first

It seems to me that there is a huge amount of divorce cases that start and end with abuse, all-out war, lying in a court of law and totally ruining, on purpose, an ex-loved one — in other words, not doing the righteous and noble thing.

Worse, though, is when emotions turn to mental illness hell-bent on “trying” to protect your kids from a soon-to-be ex-spouse. The main problem is the destruction and all-out selfish harm people do to their kids in the process.

This s— should be against the law in court proceedings. There should really be a system of better mediation. Maybe more than one meeting to hash things out more fairly. Then a court proceeding.

Also, there should be a more uniform law regarding lawyers and the amount of money they can charge for a divorce. The amount of pain would be lessened, not increased. Mainly, though, adults should act as such and stop being so selfish and harmful to their own children in a divorce situation. The couple in Snowmass (“Meredith Carroll: Snowmass custody case gets cloudier,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, July 14) ruining their own two beautiful girls as I write this very letter should meet for coffee in a very public space, sit down, be civilized and read this together. Just because they ruined their marriage and refused to figure things out does not give them the right to ruin the young girls they both brought into this world.

Miles Knudson

Santa Fe, New Mexico

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