Letter: Put the brew pub on art museum’s roof

It was sad for me to read that the City Council pulled the plug on the Power Plant proposal this week, ostensibly because some of the second- and third-home owners in Oklahoma Flats didn’t want their property values potentially diminished.

Most of them are in their golden years; why should they care what the properties are worth in 10 years anyway? I wonder if these NIMBYs would have been so against the plan if they were in their younger years. My total respect goes out to Gerry and Crissie Goldstein, who seemed to be the lone residents down there who could actually embrace the vitality the project was offering.

I walk through Oklahoma Flats year round, and most of the homes are dormant most of the year. It is easy to imagine the miners camping down there 120 years ago, and I bet they were drinking ales by the growler. I remember talking to Gavin Hastings, the captain of the British and Irish Lions rugby team, at a Gentlemen of Aspen Ruggerfest party down there 20 years ago, and he told me he had never seen a more glorious spot, in any corner of the globe, anywhere he had ever played.

Anyway, I think I may have a solution for the building, which was a great venue as the Aspen Art Museum. Move the art museum back down there, and let the brew pub open up a beer garden on the roof of the current art museum location, I’m sure the sunset views are magical, although I’ve never been. Not sure if it meets 501(c)(3), or 510(c)(3), I don’t even know the difference, but Mayor Steve Skadron could maybe help with the paperwork. It’s not easy running a pub in this city. Ask the owners of Nello, the Meatball Shack, Cooper Street Pier, Takah Sushi, Little Annie’s or Legends of Aspen!

Martin Suthren

Aspen and Todos Santos, B.C.S. Mexico