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Letter: Put an end to Aspen homophobia

Put an end to Aspen homophobia

Dear community,

What if we started something that could grow and provide new frontiers in Aspen? Is there room for a LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Bible class? Does God truly love us all the same — gay and straight? Will we have churches in Aspen that will open their doors to same gender weddings by Aspen Gay and Lesbian Ski Week 2015?

We are a “gay friendly” town, but some people believe that means that they can go on acknowledging us as second-class citizens. Being banned from lodges and drugstores feels like the banning of “people of color” from the lunch counters of “white people” in the ‘60s. As we are all aware, that resulted in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Then in 2009, with the brutal death of Matthew Shepard, we now have the 2009 Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act.

If we had a trial in Aspen resulting in federal prison time for the perpetrators of discrimination, bias and prejudice, how many people would be found guilty and spend the rest of their lives in a federal prison? If the current suicide rate increases, we will make national news negatively, which could hurt our tourist trade. Is this what we want? How many more have to die before we do something? Call or email me if you want to join this project to eliminate homophobia in Aspen and decrease deaths in both the straight and LGBT communities. A venue to find common ground could be a start. What did Jesus say about same-gender love? Answer: nothing!

Jan Hamilton