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Letter: Put a hostel in the Old Power House

Recently I addressed the following letter to the new Aspen City Council:

Not long ago, when the City Council asked for new ideas for reuse of the Old Power House, formerly used as the Aspen Art Museum, I proposed turning the Old Power House into an international hostel. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, I was tied up with selling my house in Carbondale and was unable to devote either the time or the money to developing a business plan for a hostel.

Since then, my house has sold, and I am able to redirect my time and attention to the question of establishing a hostel in the former powerhouse in Aspen.

I understand that there is some growing opposition to the current proposal to use the old power plant for a brewery. Therefore, I would like to offer again to put my efforts toward developing a hostel in the old power plant in association with Hostelling/International-USA.

When I moved to Aspen in 1968, I lived in a kind of boarding house on Hopkins Avenue, where I paid $56 a month to live in a bunkhouse and share a kitchen. That is no longer possible in Aspen or probably anywhere else in the valley. Had that sort of housing not been available, I probably wouldn’t have been able to stay in the valley. I hope that the Aspen City Council sees the importance of enabling young people to continue to move here regardless of affordability.

Jim Breasted