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Letter: Proud of working with Boogie

I’ve done business with both Shlomo Ben-Hamoo and Boogie Weinglass and would like to say the folling about Boogie:

I carried his sign for 48 seasons (24 years). He always paid up front and never gave me any grief. He trusted me and I delivered big time for most of those years. He paid for my house and half of my land in fees over the years, and his mere presence in Aspen is one of the reasons I decided to stay, figuring if I ever hit a troubled spot healthwise or otherwise, I could turn to him in a pinch.

I absolutely believe every word of his recent letter (“Setting the record straight,” June 1, The Aspen Times) explaining his position in the recent “misunderstanding” during the selling of his property. I’m personally glad he’s been here and that I’ve had dealings with him businesswise. I hope he enjoys to the fullest his retirement.

Pat Milligan