Letter: Protect on-street parking

The fuss about underground parking at Base2 is a misdirection play by its proponents. Even if parking were built (doubtful at the huge cost), it wouldn’t be used. Here’s how we know:

The last “affordable” lodge built in Aspen was the Limelight. It has underground parking. The price is $18 a day. Would guests at another “affordable” lodge pay $18 a day if they could park for 71 cents a day? They don’t at the Limelight, and they wouldn’t at Base2.

You and I pay $2 an hour to park on the street in Aspen. Guests at the Limelight can buy a seven-day street-parking pass for $5. That’s 71 cents a day. With the city granting so many favors to Base2, it undoubtedly would offer the same deal to Base2’s guests.

So the 37 extra cars at Base2, one for each room, would park for 71 cents a day in street parking that you and I already can’t find when we try to do our shopping in Aspen.

Who cares about on-site parking? Protect our street parking. Vote “no” on Base2. Vote “no” on 2A.

Jamie Emmer