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Letter: Proposed lodge needs better desig

Proposed lodge needs better design

First, thanks to Pat Milligan (“Who’s behind Mark Hunt Curtain?”) as well as Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary (“Keep development small”) for their letters to The Aspen Times on Jan. 28

My personal issue with the Johnny McGuirre’s and Dominos property to be used for a new “affordable hotel” is the design and intent of its use.

Second, Aspen needs a bowling alley like it needs more traffic. Rather than have a bowling alley in the basement of this design, why not just adjust the plans to have an underground parking facility where the bowling alley would be? The plans would be changed to an underground parking facility in the front of the building, with an attractive awning. The guests would be able to easily access their vehicle for personal items at will. This makes the most sense and would alleviate some of our parking issues. Plus, it would keep the alley clear for delivery, garbage trucks, etc. as well as quell the noise of these trucks.

Gail Price