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Letter: Proper homage

The letter to the editor in the Feb. 12 Aspen Times by Paul Rossi (“Welcome to Construction Junction”) was a perfect example of the Aspen Historical Society’s stewardship of our treasures. Just look at Crockett’s house on Neale Avenue: The owners took a perfect example of a miner’s cottage and turned it into token nod to Aspen’s history. That home was built by Jack S. Henderson, who was an early Aspen Miner. His wife, Matilda, lived there until she died in the middle 1960s. How about a statue of Heidi Zuckerman on top of this edifice. The Skier’s Chalet is a perfect example of a 1950s after-ski meeting place and a great early modern Aspen steakhouse. The waitresses mixed your salad at your table. The Moriarity Red Room on the second floor was named in honor of one of Aspen’s early ski greats, Marvin Moriarity. He was a top finisher in the 1950 FIS races held in Aspen. His mother, Annabelle, knitted the first knit ski hat for Marvin in Stowe, Vermont, where they lived. Marvin maintained a home in Aspen until the 1980s. Why not save the Skier’s Chalet exactly the way it is today? Not the way the Hysterical Society (pun intended) allows these builders to save a door or a facade and glue it on the new modern building. It could be the base hub for the lifties and patrol. Howard Auery, RIP, would guide them from his grave. Let’s preserve this treasure just the way it is near where it is. Maybe the Wilshire Boulevard Buffalo Hunters could play at the Burger Bar like they did in the ’60s. And all the under-30 folks could come by and pay tribute to the family that invented that wool hat you all wear.

Jim Wingers


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