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Letter: Proactive or paranoid?

Proactive or paranoid?

Melanie Sturm’s fear-filled comments on coexisting with Iran’s “cancerous” presence on Earth led me to Think Again (“Why coexist with a mortal Iranian threat?” Feb. 11, Commentary, The Aspen Times).

It amazes me how fearful the conservative contingent of this country is. The paranoia exhibited by conservatives has resulted in more death and destruction than can be measured. The reasoning behind the Iraq war was a delusional fantasy of fearmongering lies unrelated to anything remotely bordering on reality. Thousands of our own children were sacrificed and maimed. More than 100,000 Iraqis are dead, and the entire region is way worse for it — and so are we.

Now the drumbeat for war with Iran is being sounded. Deja vu all over again. Bombing more countries is the definition of insanity.

America is Dr. Frankenstein. We create our own monsters. When we overthrew the elected president of Iran in 1953 and installed a ruthless dictator, who would’ve thought that after the Iranian people finally overthrew him, they would blame us for his murderous reign? Unbelievably shortsighted realpolitik.

Most of the “terrorist” organizations we are quivering in fear of are our creations. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, al-Qaida and the Taliban are a direct result of American policies. The other terrorist organizations Sturm mentioned in her column need to get in line to become our enemy. It’s heartwarming to know she’s already afraid of new terrorists we haven’t even heard of yet.

Fortunately, President Barack Obama is ignoring the hawks and pursuing a policy of bringing Iran into the fold of nations. Such pragmatism makes far more sense than bombing. It beats calling them names like “axis of evil” and then ignoring them. It’s nice to have sanity, because our past foreign policy was a mixture of empty rhetoric, bombing or bluster. Iran could become “a very successful regional power” if we give it a chance instead of killing them all.

Why do we always need an enemy? In this matter, as with all issues, follow the money. Conservatives aren’t truly afraid of these countries. They just need to make sure we have an enemy in order to further the interests of the military-industrial complex.

If you have paid attention to the warmongering of the past few years, it is evident that the privatization of essential wartime services is the biggest story. There are hundreds of companies lined up like pigs at the national Treasury’s trough that need war in order to turn a profit. The business of killing is only viable as long as you have leaders willing to start wars based on something some country might do to us later if given the chance. Paranoid psychopaths, please apply.

If you think smacking another hornet’s nest will do anything but create an even more terrifying Frankenstein’s monster, you need to Think Again. If you think a country of 78 million men, women and children is a cancer that needs to be removed, you need to learn to think before you write such hateful tripe.

Johnny Boyd

Snowmass Village

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