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Letter: Pro-Israel writers don’t have the facts

There is a disturbing trend in America, of myths and selective information (aka propaganda) regarding Israel/Palestine repeatedly appearing in newspaper opinion pages. The Aspen Times provides ample evidence of this trend.

Paul Andersen wrote in his May 25 column (“Mintz a reasonable critic,” Commentary) regarding an email from Rabbi Mendel Mintz, executive director of the Jewish Community Center of Aspen: “Mintz recounted that when the Israelis left Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005, they also left greenhouses that could have enriched the Palestinian economy. Instead, the greenhouses were looted or destroyed shortly after the withdrawal.”

Melanie Sturm stated in her July 31 column (“Confronting evil in Gaza — if not now, when?” Commentary), “After destroying the greenhouses and (Hamas) violently overthrowing the Palestinian Authority government.”

Jerome Marks wrote (“Hamas’ goal is to divide and conquer,” Letters, Sept. 2), “When Israel disengaged from Gaza, there was no blockade, the border was open with Egypt, and the Palestinians were left greenhouses that could have been prosperous for the Arabs, but they choose to destroy the greenhouses.”

David Kudish wrote in his Aug. 18 guest opinion “Hamas’ intent is evil,” Commentary), “Israel unilaterally ended the occupation of Gaza in 2005.”

In truth, Hamas was chosen by Gazans in a democratic election, Israel’s occupation of Gaza never ended (it only removed the Jewish civilians), and departing Israeli settlers destroyed the greenhouses along with the Gazans’ economic prospects: New York Times, July 15, 2005, “Israeli Settlers Demolish Greenhouses and Gaza Jobs.”

It leads one to wonder how many other falsifications from unwitting columnists and the self-appointed Israel-defense-league have appeared in The Aspen Times opinion pages.

The lesson here is: Don’t believe everything you read (even if it’s from a respected columnist or rabbi), especially if you plan on repeating it. The truth is easy to find, if you bother to look for it.

Sue Gray


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