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Letter: Primed for business growth

I know many of you adults, kids, bankers and business executives don’t watch your local televised government meetings, but do watch a rerun of the full 1 p.m. televised segment of the July 11 Garfield County Board of Commissioners meeting.

You truly will like the exceptional performance rating of Garfield County in rural Colorado and in rural America, which is ongoing.

If you put on your thinking caps, it should dawn on you that Garfield County can do so much better in the next five or six years than expected by economists or Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank bigwigs.

Watch and listen to Colorado state Demographer Elizabeth Garner testify to the Garfield County Board of Commissioners about the amazing performance and resiliency of Garfield County as a model for Colorado and nationwide.

I say take local small-business capital-formation capabilities and economic and geographic efficiencies to a higher level by attracting hedge-fund, private-equity, insurance-company and venture-capitalist money.

Gather around the Garfield County Board of Commissioners to show everybody you’ve got what it takes, because time and opportunities can be very fleeting. I’ve got my business-development sights on Rifle: fashion industry, business incubator, restaurant and food-industry restructuring and tech startups.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California, and Aspen