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Letter: Priced out in downtown Basalt

My husband and I have lived in Basalt since 1994 and love it here.

However, over the years we have witnessed, sadly, a drop-off of stores with which we can do business. We love the varied and good restaurants, and if we needed a piece of art or maybe some body products, we would spend our shopping dollars here.

The customer who is drawn in from other places in the state cannot sustain many of these businesses full time when those of us who live here have given up shopping here. It is time for the task force charged with enriching the downtown core of Basalt to wake up.

We want to be able to shop and clothe ourselves near our home. We are retired and do not need $250 blue jeans or blouses and shirts heavy with glitz most days of the week. Does anyone remember Bill Bullock’s in Aspen? We need a clone of Bill Bullock’s.

I have talked to many interested parties regarding the future of downtown Basalt, including Anne Freedman, whom I considered an intelligent, thoughtful and resourceful person. Not once did she tell me that any store with Ruff Hewn or Woolrich men or women’s clothing was anywhere on the horizon. Underwear, where are you!

Shame on the Basalt leaders for having tunnel vision. Meanwhile, we will travel to Bristlecone and other stores in Willits while Midland Avenue is devoid of customers.

George and Nancy Evseeff


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