Letter: Prevent midvalley sprawl

I can see a few nice homes built on the Fields development-project property, but more than 100 units? That’s too many!

The Fields project would impact Highway 82, and this is a public-safety issue. The lack of infrastructure to support this development would create congestion in the midvalley. Light, air, car and noise pollution would increase.

Traffic signals on Highway 82 would become horrific. Another signal at J.W. Drive would slow the flow of traffic even more. Add impatient drivers to the mix, and Highway 82 would become extremely dangerous. The Fields project would promote urban sprawl.

Think about the impact this development would have on our current quality of life in the midvalley. We need to stand up to predatory developers. The Roaring Fork Planning Commission did just that by denying the initial Fields application in December.

Fields project developers will present a revised application to the public and county commissioners Thursday at the Eagle County building. A site visit is at 4 p.m.; a meeting is at approximately 4:30 p.m.

Patrice K. Becker