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Letter: Presidential prayer

While I was vacuuming this morning I found myself ruminating over the upcoming election and thought, “I need to pray for Hillary!” And then came, “You need to pray for Donald, too.”

So I’m praying for both presidential candidates that they’ll be steadfast in their civility to each other and stick to issues that concern Americans and the international community.

When the conversation turns ugly with threats, untruths and intimidation, the American people lose out as too much time is wasted on the undermining and offensive rhetoric, thus important issues do not get debated and that is mightily frustrating to the electorate.

We the people must have a president who is an effective leader who embodies and models behaviors that we would be proud of and seek to emulate. To name a handful: personal integrity, intelligence, self-control, compassion, courage, honesty, cooperativeness and respect.

So dear Donald and Hillary, please deeply consider the humble populace is at its wit’s end with the name calling and repugnant remarks. In this last and final debate Wednesday, let dignity and civility reign, stay focused on the questions and perhaps offer some inspiring sentiments, as we all could use a good dose of that.

Lisa DiNardo