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Letter: Preserving Miss Berg

Regarding Su Lum’s memories of Louise Berg, I have some of my own (“Miss Berg’s House,” Commentary, Feb. 26, The Aspen Times).

In my first years here as a music student and festival worker, other crew members and I used to get a kick out of George Madsen’s interviews with Miss Berg. She had this little chirpy voice and spoke in short gaspy sentences. She always sounded like every sentence would be her last.

Just as amazing were her memories of an Aspen that seemed like a foreign country — a land of saloons and miners. The tapes, which have been rumored to be in the hands of the Historical Society for years, are very fragile things. Assuming they still exist, they are priceless and need to be preserved and restored. What happens to the tapes is very simple. The acetate base shrinks, and the glue that binds the oxide coating to it begins to flake off.

These interviews, as stated by Su Lum, were a revelation, and they should be heard today. At one point I asked KAJX to look into rebroadcasting them. To date, though, nothing has come of it. Heck, I don’t even know if they exist at all.

Jon Busch


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