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Letter: Preserve Thompson Divide

The Bureau of Land Management is in the process of reviewing 65 leases that were admittedly issued illegally. Last year the community surrounding Thompson Divide united to urge the BLM to let the pre-existing leases expire.

The BLM has ignored the interest of the public several times on this issue; where’s our voice? As a student at the Colorado Rocky Mountain School and a local, I have a passion for the outdoors. The stark difference that can be seen between the pristine Thompson Divide and the lands around it that are under oil and gas development struck me. This area is too special to be developed.

The benefits of voiding the leases and protecting Thompson Divide have been emphasized over and over again. Since these leases were signed in violation of several environmental laws, the BLM should admit its mistake and let them expire for good. A government organization like the BLM should value the interest of the public just as much as that of large corporations. It’s not as if we have not spoken. But we will continue to speak out, including at the public meetings held this week. I will be attending them along with classmates who have joined our cause. We hope to see a big turnout, as this is our chance to make ourselves heard.

Tashi Brundige

Student, Colorado Rocky Mountain School