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Letter: Pot-smoking etiquette

Pot-smoking etiquette

If you want to smoke pot, then more power to you, it’s legal now, and to each his own. But please keep it to yourself.

The law allows private consumption and bans public use. I’ve tolerated it at the top of Highland Bowl twice now. The last thing I want after a hike in the National Forest is wafting pot smoke in my lungs. You guys choosing to do that in public, and on federal lands, are not making a wise choice.

The other morning at the rodeo lot in Snowmass, as I was taking two excited 10-year-olds on the bus up to the mountain, someone all too anxious for a morning high was smoking at the stop, and must have taken a last toke while loading the bus and exhaled on the bus. So, the kids and I were subject to the smell for the whole ride. Unacceptable.

Behavior like this will inspire those of us less-than-tolerant to work to have the feds overturn Colorado’s laws. Make smarter choices people. As my high school language arts teacher often said, “Decorum, please!”

Larry Smith