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Letter: Post-election thoughts

My congratulations to all the candidates who were voted in to serve Basalt in this election.

It is an important time for Basalt if it is to survive and a big responsibility for those making the decisions.

As in any election, some candidates are elected and others are not. That is the will of the people and we all should respect that.

As for those who ran and were not elected, I would like to say thank you — thank you for reaching out to serve our town. You are all special individuals who have given so much time, effort and attention in your service on the Town Council. I hope you will stay active to fight another day.

As for Rick Stevens, he has served our town for over 25 years, and the wonderful list of the achievements he has brought to Basalt and our valley is without parallel. Those accomplishments are far too long to include here. No matter how you voted, we owe Rick a great deal of gratitude for his long and dedicated service.

To all the voters who turned out in record numbers, I salute you, as well. Let’s make every election from now on exceed these numbers.

Norm Clasen