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Letter: Post-election apologies

OK, I had too much fun with Base2. First, I want to apologize to all my young and young-at-heart friends and acquaintances (regardless of what time you go to bed) who were against Base2 and a new City Hall for lumping you into the “grumpy old fart” category (“The Aspen old folks home,” Letters to the editor, The Aspen Times, Oct. 26). I greatly appreciate the efforts of those who have carried the torch for no growth, slow growth or careful growth. Without the early work in the ’70s and continued persistence of hardworking elected officials since, this place would be Vail. Those folks have saved not only our charm and community but also our quality and enhanced our value. Righties and lefties unite — you have more in common than you want to admit.

I also want to apologize to Frank Peters because I made fun of his Base2 opposition, and in reality I appreciate what Frank did by bringing the Hotel Lenado and Sardy House to the Aspen community (is the Sardy still a hotel?). Peters took a business risk, and I hope it worked out for him (both properties sold for more than $28 million, so it looks like they did). I think it is great when Aspenites do well in business. I am sure he didn’t plan it this way — build a small lodge, sell to gazillionaires for their private whatever, and pocket millions more than if the buyer were required to keep it a hotel — but that is on the community, not Peters. He followed the rules, worked hard, provided a good product and apparently was compensated handsomely for his decades of service. Good for you, Frank. Oh, and Aspen also benefited from Peters’ hotels with beds and taxes. Whoa, wait — is that capitalism? Maybe with a little more “social” in the “capital” (i.e., “social capitalism”), the Lenado would stay a hotel.

Thank you, Frank. I am sorry for my sarcasm; it was over the top.

Scott Writer


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