Letter: Playing hardball with Related

Consider the following:

1. Aspen Skiing Co. can buy land from Related and request a zoning variance if it is really serious.

2. By anybody’s definition, this is major and should be voted on by the residents.

3. All work proposed should be bonded — 150 percent of today’s cost. This includes new buildings and uncompleted buildings.

4. Is there an aqua center? Related might want to use metro district bonds to pay for it and have Base Village owners pay off the bonds.

5. FYI: Related holds $22 million of metro bonds.

6. Any plans that Related may offer for the balance of Base Village can be changed at any future date. Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.

7. What are the details of the new partnership with Skico?

8. There is no urgency to give Snowmass Acquisition Co. any approvals.

9. The council has the authority to order the two uncompleted buildings to be completed and bonded or destroyed. They are a legal nuisance.

10. Where is the money coming from to do Related’s work. Construction loans? Or from the “mother ship”? If loans, we need to know terms and conditions.

11. If and when Related sells condos, what documents will be attached to the agreement? Will there be full disclosure?

12. If the council gives approval with all necessary safeguards, Snowmass Acquisition Co. will not accept.

13. The council should hire an energy consultant to make sure new construction limits a minimum of carbon.

14. Snowmass Acquisition Co. can apply for building permits now to build Viceroy II by a zoning variance with 150 percent bonding or equal.

15. If the council extends “vested rights,” all that we will get is a bunch of “trust me’s.”

16. If the council wants to approve, who will prepare the necessary documents? The council or Snowmass Acquisition Co.?

17. A condition, if approval may happen, should be that Related or Skico should pay off metro district bonds. Another condition should be that Snowmass Acquisition Co. cannot sell the property without council approval and financial analysis.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village