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Letter: Plants from seeds

We’ve known Rick Stevens since July 2005, when we moved in across the street from him and his family. To this day, though his children Tyler and Jeffery went off to school and have since returned to Basalt, Rick and his wife, Diane, and both boys stop at least twice a day to say hello to our two dogs. That is small-town character to the nth degree.

Small towns oft wear different masks as they evolve; hidden behind those facades lie core values and common beliefs pushed aside by others in power. True leaders find inroads to those central ideas and grow them like plants from seeds. Basalt has lacked leadership far too long; divisiveness at the top hasn’t played out in Basalt’s favor. It’s time to change that leadership and invite dialogue that encourages those hidden seeds to sprout.

Family values, a heartfelt belief in the words he speaks, a true caring for the community of Basalt, a want for a place that returns its children — Rick embodies that and more. We are voting for these same values in the only mayoral candidate that shares our vision. Vote with us; vote for Rick Stevens, mayor of Basalt.

Brian and Jana Dillard