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Letter: Pitkin County is back in business

On behalf of the Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, we would like to thank our community members for their support, cooperation and collaboration during a four-day office closure the week of April 14. Residents understood the circumstances that county staff were addressing while evicted from the Plaza I office building during the asbestos testing and abatement and were considerate and flexible while working through business transactions at the Treasurer’s Office or over the phone throughout the week.

Fortunately, on Monday all departments — Elections, Clerk of the Board, Motor Vehicle and Recording — opened for business as usual. The County Clerk’s Office staff asks the community for continued cooperation and partnership in addressing business needs as each department handles backlogged workflow. In addition, please be patient, as we will be minimally staffed throughout this week due to mandated training, meetings, etc.

A reminder to all Pitkin County residents:

Why stand in line when you can do business with the county clerk online? The public is encouraged to take advantage of the following online service opportunities: motor-vehicle registration renewals http://www.colorado.gov/renewplates, recording research and marriage and civil-union license applications at http://www.pitkinclerk.org, voter registration and elections information at http://www.pitkinvotes.org, Board of County Commissioner records research at http://www.aspenpitkin.com/Departments/Clerk-Recorder/Board-of-County-Commissioners-Records.

On behalf of all Pitkin County staff, we are proud to serve our community, appreciate your collaboration and thank you.

Janice Vos Caudill

Pitkin County clerk and recorder

Linda Gustafson

Chief deputy clerk

Jeanette Jones

Clerk of the board and records manager

William Mast

Elections manager

Shelley Popish

Motor vehicle supervisor

Cindy Klob

Recording supervisors and application specialist

Kelly McNicholas

Elections application specialist

Tammie Driscol

Clerk and recorder specialist — recording and elections

Roselyn Martin

Clerk and recorder specialist — motor vehicle

Rexs Hockins

Clerk and recorder specialist — motor vehicle

Patty Nadon

Clerk and recorder specialist — recording