Letter: Pig speak

Pig speak

For shame, Professor Wynn, and tsk, tsk (“Teacher speak,” letters, Jan. 17, The Aspen Times). Fifty laps with a wet rugby jersey (I won’t tell you whose lap, that’s up to you). I believe your Latin needs a bit of work, at least when we are talking about the venerable Aspen State Teacher’s College.

• Earninglay omethingsay upidstay (Educatio stultorum in flagrante delicto)

• Evernay outway ofway edbay eforebay oonnay (Nunquan ante meridium)

• Earnlay orway eepkay itway inway ouryay antspay (Aut disce aut discede)

• Educatingway oronsmay isway atwhay eway’eray aidpay orfay (Discimus imbecillius ab asino lenam)

And may I add a suggestion? — Aspenway ethay 100 ecibelday ighhay

After all the motto should reflect the unique academic standards and core curricula of this institute for higher, ahem, much much higher, learning.

Artypay onway.

Ziska Childs