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Letter: Peter Nardi: a good man who was unfairly portrayed

Many people will say to me that I should not have written this letter. They may be right, in that many people are afraid to say what they really mean because of what other people will think of them. For my heart and my conscience I need to write it.

I am sickened by Jill Gruenberg’s editorial in The Aspen Times (“Justice was served in Nardi case,” Commentary, April 26, The Aspen Times). As a rape victim myself, I was thinking of doing the Response training until I read this editorial. Peter Nardi was at one time my roommate. I do not believe for one second that he is guilty of what he is convicted of.

While he was my roommate, he had his very first legal issues — all of which resulted from his falling head over heels in love with wealthy powerful women who used him. He is handsome and charming and not the brightest candle on the birthday cake. One of the jurors made a comment that he seemed like a child. His restaurant, Nardi’s, in Snowmass Village was a boon to the local community. Live music almost every night, great food, great atmosphere.

Yes, it closed due to non-payment of taxes. Did anyone ask why that came to pass? I am struck by the contrast that this community has between those who take their own lives, leaving spouses and children to face life without them, and the judgment rushed to when one of us is facing a legal issue. We do not know what evidence was not allowed to be heard by the jurors. Many jurors have said that they would not have convicted if they would have been allowed to hear certain information in so many cases. I believe this is not how the legal system was originally designed — truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth?

I am so sorry that Peter is now facing sentencing and am truly disgusted by Response’s editorial. Our community has lost a truly valuable community member.

Bronwyn Anglin


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